Year Round Beers

Imperial IPA- A sharp crisp almost dry India Pale Ale. This is a massive citrusy IPA. 8.0 ABV 91 IBU.

Brown 1

Brown Ale– A brown ale with a nice chocolate and coffee aroma. 6.2 ABV 30 IBU.

Other Brown 10

Amber – This is a great smooth sharp crisp amber with a nice hop profile. 5.8 ABV 38 IBU.

Pink 1

Black Orange Citrus IPA – A great hoppy Citrusy dark roast IPA. – 6.8 ABV 68 IBU.

Black 9

Double Cheek IPA – A dry sharp hopped up double IPA with Galaxy hops. Has a great musadine aroma. 8.27 ABV 92 IBU.

Brown 2

Orange Citrus IPA – A strong citrusy smooth IPA with orange peel added to enhance the orange aromas in the hops being added. 6.7 ABV 68 IBU.

Brown 4

Lemon Wheat IPA – A strong search ace hopped IPA with lemon peel added to boil. This is a light and great summer beer.        6.7 ABV 68 IBU.

Yellow 6

Star Fruit Tart – A sour brewed with star fruits to add a tropical aroma and taste to this unique sour. 5.1 ABV 18 IBU.

Yellow 7

Session IPA – Dry Crisp Light, Easy to drink. 49 IBU and 5.1 ABV.

Yellow 9

Ass Clown Pale Ale – Citrus and Malt flavors until the very end. 6.25 ABV 38 IBU.

Yellow 8

Ass Clown Stout – Heavy Dark Roast 6.8 ABV 28 IBU.

Black 5

Lemon Blonde Ale 

Yellow 5

Hibiscus Rose Petal Blonde 

Pink 8

Black Black Gose – Ale brewed with sumac. 3.8 ABV 18 IBU.

Black 8