Winter Beers (November-February)

Coffee Tequila Oatmeal Stout – A very dark roasted spicy nice body stout. The oatmeal adds a nice silkiness which coats the top of your roof of your mouth. Tequila spirals add a nice citrusy/peppery zest. 7.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 9

Raspberry Vanilla Stout – This sweeter stout has Raspberries and vanilla beans are added to the wort to work off each others flavors. – 7.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 8

Honey Guajello Stout – A stout with a nice honey aroma complimenting the guajillo peppers added. 7.1 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 7

Dark Chocolate Cherry – 7.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 5

Spicy Blueberry Stout – This stout is brewed with peppers and blueberries to add a lot of depth to this style. 7.1 ABV 30 IBU.

Other Brown 10

Bourbon Oaked Old Ale – An aged old ale with a borderline barley wine taste, strong vanilla chocolate, malty aroma. 8.0 ABV 71 IBU.

Other Brown 9

Ginger Brown

Other Brown 8

Hazelnut Nut Brown

Other Brown 7

My First Christmas Imperial Brown

Other Brown 2

Smoked Bacon Maple Black Ale – A rare one due to the cost of maple syrup. But, this is a smoky bacon with a nose of maple black ale. 7.2 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 4

Smoked Maple Syrup Black

Black 3