Limited Release

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (March- July)- A strong peanut butter stout with a lot of heavy roasted barley and peanut butter in the boil. 7.1 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 1

Ass Clown Stout – This heavy roasted flavorful stout has strong chocolate and coffee tones to it. This is our (Chocolate Sea Salt Stout with out the salt) 6.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 2

Dark Chocolate Blueberry – This is a stout brewed with blueberries, which has a great blueberry aroma without all the sweetness. 6.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 3

Imperial Pale

Brown 6

Smoked Scotch

Other Brown 1

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Brown

Other Brown 2

Amarillo Hemp IPA – A great hoppy strong aroma IPA with hemp seed added for a nice nutty full bodied. This IPA will leave a nice silk feel on your roof of your mouth. 6.8 ABV 72 IBU.

Other Brown 3

French Oak IPA – A flavorful naked IPA with a nice dry crisp oak flavor, hints of vanilla are associated with this beer. 6.8 ABV 68 IBU.

Other Brown 4

Pineapple IPA – A citrusy IPA with Fresh finely Chopped pineapples added. 6.8 ABV 68 IBU.

Yellow 9

Black Lemon Wheat IPA – Our lemon wheat IPA with some dark roasted barley added to balance the strong lemon flavors. 6.7 ABV 68 IBU.

Black 4

Chai Tea Hefe – This is our wheat based beer with chocolate chai tea added to boil. The yeast used is a hefewieson yeast added. 6.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Other Brown 5

Citrus Sour – This sour is dry hopped and has a great citrusy summer feel to it. 5.1 ABV 18 IBU.

Yellow 2

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sour Stout – A salty and sour heavy dark chocolate roast sour. 7.1 ABV 18 IBU.

Black 5

Fig Peach Pale Ale Tart – A great depth flavor profile sour with peaches and figs added to . 5.8 ABV 18 IBU.

Yellow 5

French Oak Tart IPA – A strong oaked soar with nice oak vanilla silk flavors and aromas. 6.8 ABV 18 IBU.

Black 8

Holiday Sour Stout – Sour stout with pumpkin and Christmas spices added in boil.

Black 1

Habanero Brown – 5.8 ABV 28 IBU.

Black 9

Go Reap Yourself IPA – Carolina Reaper Peppers blended into an IPA. 6.5% ABV 68 IBU.

Yellow 2

Ghost Chile IPA – Ghost Peppers in an IPA. 6.5 ABV 68 IBU.

Yellow 7

Coffee Coconut Stout

Black 7

Coffee Coconut Pale

Yellow 3

Smoked Ham Corn on The Cob Stout – 15 ABV 50 IBU.

Black 5

Imperial Rye – Spicy, Chocolate aroma and flavors throughout. 10 ABV 91 IBU.

Pink 6