Fall Beers

Bacon Oyster Stout – A rich full bodied stout. Massive bacon and oyster flavored aroma. 7.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 9

Chocolate Blueberry Anise – A fairly thin stout with blueberries and anise added to play off each others flavors. 7.1 ABV.

Black 8

Chipotle Pumpkin – A spicy pumpkin stout.

Black 7

Oyster Stout – A rich full flavor almost briney stout. loaded with oysters in the whole shell. 7.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 6

Cayenne Oyster Stout – A strong oyster stout rich in flavor with a hint of cayenne peppers to compliment the whole oysters added to boil. 7.1 ABV.

Black 5

Raspberry Jalapeno Stout – A very strong aroma stout. The base is in a somewhat thin stout to let you taste more of the flavors. A lot of jalapeños upfront with the aroma of raspberries. 7.1 ABV 30 IBU.

Black 4

Apricot Pale – A smooth light ale with a great apricot flavor and aroma. 5.8 ABV 30 IBU.

Yellow 9

Buttered Apple Pie – Almost desert after dinner beer, this beer has massive amounts of apple, butter, cinnamon shinning through. 6.5 ABV 30 IBU.

Brown 8

Chocolate Pumpkin Brown – A great strong pumpkin aroma ale.

Black 3

Burley Peach Black IPA – A great citrusy IPA with peaches added to enhance the citra and fruit aroma hops. 6.8 ABV 68 IBU.

Black 2

Pumpkin IPA – A strong flavored IPA with a lot of pumpkin added to compliment the hops that were choose. 6.8 ABV 68 IBU.

Brown 7

Wet Hop Chinook

Yellow 1

Wet Hop Citra IPA – A massive hop IPA with intense aromas. 6.9 ABV 91 IBU.

Yellow 2

Wet Hop Simcoe

Yellow 3

Wet Hop Mosaic

Yellow 4

Raspberry Cinnamon Hazelnut Stout – A unique strong flavor sour stout. This sour has an amazing aroma. 6.8 ABV 18 IBU.

Black 4