About Ass Clown

In the beginning of the year 2011 Ass Clown Brewing Company transitioned from a garage brewery to a fully operating brewery with a goal of creating unique flavorful beers. The beer list is ever changing with new beers almost daily. Ass Clown Brewing Company has the largest selection of any brewery around, priding itself in quality beers, unique flavors and a laid back atmosphere.


We want you to come experience our hidden brewery hideway just 15 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC.

Founded by brewing enthusiast Matt Glidden, Ass Clown got it’s name after many trips to beer festivals where everything is thrown at you at once… Leaving your taste buds dazed and confused. By the end of the day, the hard part is remembering the beer names and companies that stood out to you. At the time, Matt had a buddy that used the word “AssClown” frequently… Whether you love it, or you hate it… It’s kind of burnt into your skull. Why does the name for a brewery have to be so serious?


We have a massive array of beer flavors, a 31 tap system. We push unique flavors and unique styles through our taps daily. We want you to try new beers! We also, always keep some beers that are true to style guidelines like our Amber, Brown, Pale, Blonde, and Porter for the not so courageous.

We aren’t scared to be different.


All of Ass Clown Brewing Companies 200 beers are made on our 9 barrel system. We decided to pursue a system that allows us to brew (3) 3barrel batches.
This allows us to brew 3 different beers at one time, or (1) 9 barrel consistent batch, by blending them together.